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(Ch)3September 2013 Survey Highlights


A web based survey open to Christ Church Chemists {(Ch)3} between the 13th and 30th September 2013. One email and one reminder were sent to the 316 (Ch)3 whose email addresses are held on file with the Development Office.

Response rate:

Q1 – How interested would you be in attending another (Ch)3 dinner? [1=no interest to 5=very interested]

  • There was an overwhelming interest in another (Ch)3 dinner. 113 people, 83% of respondents, expressed interest levels of 4 or 5. All years showed a similar level of enthusiasm, but with those matriculating in the 90s, noughties and 70s the most. These year groups each returned a combined 4&5 rating of over 93%.


Q2 – If you are interested, ideally when should the next dinner be held?

  • 50% said 2014 and 35% said 2015. 2014 was preferred by those matriculating in the 50s, 60s, 90s and noughties. While those in the 70s and 80s favoured 2015.

Q3 – What days would work best for you for a dinner?

  • Saturday was the favourite day on which to hold another dinner, with 53% saying it was a good day. Friday was the next favourite at 34%. 31% of respondents did not mind when the dinner was held.

Q4 – If we were to hold regular (Ch)3 dinners, how frequently should they be held?

  • 43% of respondents felt that regular (Ch)3 dinners should be held every 2 years. 24% felt they should be held annually while 20% felt they should be every 3 years. All decades, apart for the 60s, showed a clear preference for an event every 2 years.

Q5 – Would you like an Affinity Group of (Ch)3 to be created?

  • A clear majority, 66% of respondents, felt that a (Ch)3 Affinity Group should be created. The enthusiasm was shared across the years with those matriculating in the 60s being the least enthusiastic (50% saying yes compared to 85% of the noughties). Only 5% of respondents did not want such a group to be formed. These were from the 80s or earlier. The remainder either didn’t know, didn’t mind or didn’t answer the question.

Q6 – If we did form an Affinity Group of (Ch)3 alumni, what would you like it to do?

  • The clear preference (79%) was to provide the opportunities for social events. However, there is also a desire for it to provide opportunities for updates about former (Ch)3, with 65% mentioning this. There was less enthusiasm for professional networking , but still 43% felt this should be included. This was predominantly in the younger generations.

Q7 – If we did form an Affinity Group of (Ch)3 alumni, what, if anything, would you be prepared to do?

  • 80% said they would attend events. 22% said they would contribute creative ideas for events and 16% of all respondents said they would be prepared to help organise events. 22% of respondents said they supported the idea but couldn’t help, this view was spread across the decades but especially in the 90s where nearly a third felt this way.

Q8 – Is there anything else you feel we should be doing to (Ch)3 alumni?

Q9 – Are you male or female?

Q10 – When did you matriculate?

  • We had a good response rate across the decades. The highest was 61%, for the noughties, and the lowest 37% for the 50s or earlier. Each decade represents somewhere between 16% and 20% of the total respondents with the exception of the 50s and earlier which only represent 7% of the total, probably due to the technology required to complete the survey.

Q11 – Finally people were asked for any other comments.